About the Symposium

The Symposium was an original idea from doctoral candidate Juan Vasquez.  Juan started doing an assignment on migrants and found that many people who were in the academy were originally migrant workers. He saw a need to collect the stories of these scholars and professionals. He brought this vision to the Chicano/Latino Studies Office where he was working as a graduate assistant. Juan found support and funding for his idea. Together the Director, Sheila Contreras, and Juan developed a planning committee, worked on a grant and pounded out a schedule.

The goal of the Symposium is to record the stories of  former migrant farm workers,  provide a venue for current students to see how this group of individual overcame their hardships to become professionals, and create a space to dialogue. The conference will be held at Michigan State University, at the Kellogg Center. Weather for April in Michigan can vary, expect to carry an umbrella, a sweater or a light jacket.

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